In recent 5 months, I have been applying anwonder eyelash groth product named Careprost. What's the difference betweenLatisse and Careprost ? Well, absolutely nothing. Seller told me that careprosthas the same ingredients as Latisse, as we all know, latisse is the first andonly serum that passed FDA approval to increase eyelash size. And therefore,careprost is also named Generic Latisse.


Besides, careprost is only $30, alomostabout $100 cheaper than Latisse. And one bottle can last 3-5 months, which justdepends on how much you use every time. For me, A bottle careprost has beenused for 5 months, it is about $6 a month, it is quiet cost-effective. I orderthis product from an official careprost site.


Manufacturer claimed you will getdifference within 4 weeks, and it works for me as well. After applyingcareprost every night for 4 weeks, my lashes seems a little longer than before,after insist on using it for 8 weeks, I have got the ideal length. Then Ijust  use careprost twice a week at nightto maintain the effect instead of using every day.


If you want to apply careprost for youreyelash, highly recommend you to choose official site for your order since over80% of the store onine are selling fake product.

careprost before and after 

  • Oct 22, 2016
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