Have you ever achieved longer, thicker and fuller lashes ? Getting thicker lashes doesn't have to considered as a burden. There are various options from home remedies to commercial production in the market that will help you realize your dream.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies such as Vaseline , Powder  that can help you regrow eyelashes. These products are inexpensive and fairly easy to manage.

Vaseline :If you want to regrow eyelashes, you can apply a small amount of Vaseline every night before bed. Vaseline works to condition and strengthen eyelashes effectively. It will take several months to see a measurable difference.

Powder: it is another method for getting thicker lashes. Just apply a small amount of loose powder along with your mascara every day. The order is a coat of mascara, then loose power. Cover the powder with two to three more coats of mascara and see thicker lashes instantly.  This method will offer instant effect but it could be messy.

Commercial product

If you are not satisfied with effect brought by home remedies. You can take a try of the following product.

Mascara: Mascara will help you a great deal in making your lashes look darker and thicker. You can also take a try of an eyelash primer before applying mascara, which will make your lashes look longer by plumping each individual lash.

Eyelash serum: it is an excellent option for you to regrow naturally longer fuller and darker lashes. One of the highest quality serums: careprost, does help you get fast and effective result in few weeks as they have promised.

careprost serum before and after

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