Eyelash conditioner is developed to helppeople nourish and regrow longer thicker lashes. These products are usuallyapplied directly to lash or the base of eyelashes.

Is there any safe and effective eyelash conditionerto make them work

Yes, of course. Some of the conditionersworks as a "drug" to enhance eyelashes. For example. Latisse, theonly FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved eyelash eye drop, which islaunched by Allergan, Inc. The active ingredient is Bimatoprost,  In simple terms, this substance is aprostaglandin analog used to control the progression of glaucoma and tolengthen eyelashes and proven to regrow eyelashes as well.


Enhance eyelash size and length, increasesthe number of eyelash hairs resulting in Longer

May result in darken eyelashes

Especially beneficial for people withHypotrichosis (another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes).


NOT a drug-free solution

Many potential side-effects includingirritation, skin hyperpigmentation (skin turns brown), and potential permanentdarkening of the iris to brown.

Only available by prescription

Cost is over ~$100

There is also alternativeproduct-- careprost for your choice, which has the same ingredient as Latisse, andprice is low. Besides, this product is an over-the-counter serum, you caneasily order it online. Please feel free to enhance with careprost.

careprost VS latisse


  • Nov 07, 2016
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