Can careprost be used to grow eyelash fuller thicker and bushier?

Careprost is created to increase eyelash size, it has same ingredients as FDA approved Latisse eyelash growth serum, therefore careprost is also named Generic Latisse. Besides, careprost is much cheaper than Latisse, it is your alternative choice if you want to try latisse but stop at its high price, just choose cheaper version of latisse--careprost.

According to the customers' review, careprost can also help to thicken and richen eyebrow as well. As you can see, many clients has posted careprost before and after photos for increasing eyebrow. Just like how it works for eyelash, Noticeable difference can be seen for eyebrow growth in 2-4 weeks, and amazing result can be seen in 8-12 weeks.

Compared with using careprost for eyelash growth, it is much safer for eyelash used for eyebrow enhancement since you do not to consider side effect for your eyes. Just give yourself you try with careprost to thicken eyebrow right now!

careprost for eyebrow growth

  • Dec 17, 2016
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