Eyelash serums have been more and more popular in the market. They are considered to be the ultimate option for eyelash growth. For these products are natural, on the other hands, unlike the heavy mascara or chemical eyelash extensions. eyelash serums will bring you naturally longer thicker and darker eyelashes in few weeks.

This product is affordable to everyone nowadays, and  most of the eyelash serums in the market  have passed clinical test to ensure the safety and efficiency. For example, latisse has been the only and first FDA approved serum for eyelash enhancement. Also, the price of latisse is a little more expensive, you can also choose cheap version Latisse (careprost) being an alternative choice.

Since more and more eyelash serums are being launched in the market, how to choose an proper one for yourself? Following are some information for your reference.

l  You should choose the 100% natural product.

l  Product has clinically proven their safety and efficiency

l  Read product reviews online, get detailed information.

l  Ophthalmologists recognize it to be a safe remedy.

l  If you wear Contact lens, you should note whether the product match it.

l  Pay more attention to potential side-effects.

cheape version latisse

  • Jan 09, 2017
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