For women who want to get naturally longer fuller and darker eyelashes, latisse is always being their first choice. Since this product is the first and only FDA approved serum to lengthen thicken eyelashes.

And for all we know, latisse has sold more than a million bottles and gained thousands of following. One thing we should note is that this product is an prescription drug, if we want to get it, the prescription is essential, and secondly this product has an expensive price.

Don't worry, market has offered alternative way for your trouble. Here is an product named careprost with a third of the price.

Careprost has same ingredients as Latisse, for example. it also contains 0.03% bimatoprost being the active ingredients, therefore, this product is also named generic latisse. Importantly, this product is an over-the-counter product, you can just buy careprost online or at retail store.

Just give yourself a try with careprost, and the amazing result will beat you in few weeks!


careprost serum

  • Jan 16, 2017
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