Most of us have the lash lust----want to get longer, thicker and darker eyelash since we are going to great lengths to get them. Women are investing in various products in the market to extend eyelash. But before you take your way, you should choose the right way to open it.

Firstly, you should clean and care for Eyelashes. Use a makeup-removing lotion every night before bed to take off eye makeup. Apply the lotion to a cotton ball and swipe in a gentle, circular motion to remove eye makeup.

Then you can apply some effective and natural oil to nourish your eyelash. Vitamin-E oil, castor oil and olive oil are natural products that are readily available since many clients claimed that their eyelash grow longer with these products. An oil will help condition your lashes and make them stronger and lusher by opening up the eyelash follicles, drawing out impurities and stimulating growth

Besides, you can also take a try of careprost, which has FDA approved serum to increase eyelash size, it only takes 4-8 weeks, you will regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes, do not need heavy mascara or fake eyelashes.

how to nourish eyelash

  • Feb 09, 2017
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