Eyelash growth serum should be an essentialcosmetic for almost every woman since this product is the only thing to helpwomen regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelash in few weeks. The nextquestion is how to choose the optimal serum for yourself, is the one you choosesatisfy your needs and expectations? Here we will share 5 rules for you gettingproper eyelash enhancer.


You should double check an eyelash serum'singredient and choose the one that contains plant-based ingredients. Accordingto the study, mineral and plant ingredients work effectively to nourish eyelashand increase eyelash size.

Rule 2#: Price

Get what one pays for, an effective eyelashserum should contain vitamins and active agents, therefore the enhancer cannotbe cheap. But don't worry, you can choose the serum not that famous, but haseffective ingredients. Such as careprost, this one also has bimatoprost, butits price is only a quarter of FDA approved latisse.

Rule 3#: Treatment Time

Normally, eyelash growth serum treatmentlasts 12 weeks. The first effects are usually visible after the first month ofsystematic use. In order to get the results promised by the lash serumproducer, apply the product according to instructions for no shorter than 8weeks.

 Youcan combine these tips to choose your best eyelash and harvest the lush lashnow.

 bimatoprost eyelash serum

  • Mar 09, 2017
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