Eye makeup

Apply a little mount of concealer underneath your eyes. Which is a base foundation and help you shelter from dark circle under your eyes. Choose the opposite tones of colors from your dark circles. For example, if you have the yellow tones, just apply a purple tone. Or you can also choose the lighter color concealer than your skin. By taking the above measures, your dark circles won't be noticeable.

Have a regular routine

Here are some remedies for eyes care, we will expound it in the next post.

It is advised you to make sure 7~8 hours for sleeping every night. For the enough sleep will help your body rest well, and so are your eyes. On the other hand, you should take plenty of water every day. Charming eyes rely on hydration. Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water to protect your eyes from redness in your eyes. Do not smoke, leave away from alcohol and caffeine. In terms of diet, you should eat healthy food, especially those enriched with vitamin A, C and E, which are good for your eyes.

Naturally beauty remedies

There are many home remedies we can do, here we will share some easy and common methods.

Place cucumber slices on your eyes. Slice a couple of thin slices from a fresh or cold cucumber. Place these over your eyes for about 10 minutes or until the cucumber slices get warm. Cucumbers have high water content, and this water will transfer to your skin, helping to hydrate the area around your eyes.

Use herbal remedies. Such as rose water, mint leaves, lavender, etc. Which will help reduce puffiness in eyes and keep your eyes clear.

Enhance the eyelashes

On the other hand, you can also take measures for your eyelashes, the longer,  eyelashes are also the enhancement for your eye beauty. Careprost serum is just the product with effective ingredients to help you get fuller, longer and thicker eyelashes. It has a mature products with many loyal fans in recent years. You can read the reviews or articles online to learn about it, as many users posted the careprost before and after photos online.

All in all, with the above tips, you can easily own the clear and bright eye appearance.

  • Aug 22, 2016
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