We all desire the charming eyes, to getthis goal, the first and vital step for us is find ways to take care of theeyelashes. Here we summarize some burning questions about eyelashes, whichshould be learned before we start to do something for eyelashes care.

Is there any ignored mistake people alwaysdo to hurt eyelashes?

Yes, the first taboo is rubbing of the eyesor picking off eyelashes. In addition, the over-cleansing of mascara can alsoleads the lash loss.

Is there an effective way to enhanceeyelashes growth?

It is advised you to take a try of eyelashconditioning serum, such as careprostserum, enriched with the effective ingredients bimatoprost, can help youregrow lashes longer, thicker and fuller. Careprost is known as generic latisse,the latter product has been approved by FDA in USA, that means both latisse andcareprost are 100% safe for using.

All in all, we should take great care ofour eyelashes. And to maintain the better state for lashes, we should cleanface thoroughly every day, the eye area included. Make sure cosmetic on yourface has been cleaned up , then apply the careprost serum before bedtime.

how to take care of eyelashes

  • Aug 26, 2016
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