Careprost: An Alternative Version of Latisse

Not too long ago, if a woman wanted to get naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes, she had no choices but buy FDA approved serum named Latisse, which, of course, is an effective serum to regrow natural lashes. But this product has only one disadvantage– price is much more expensive. Many people were torn between ideal lash length and their reluctance for spending over 100usd.

Beauty shouldn’t be patent of the rich, that’s how careprost is created. The manufacturer, Sunpharma announced to the world that women everywhere have the right to longer eyelashes with careprost, which has same formula as Latisse, but its price is only a quarter of Latisse. It means, you just need about 30 usd to enjoy lush eyelash right now!

Careprost is a game changer. Just enjoy yourself in this new game. We at is an authorized store to offer you 100% authentic careprost. Besides, we can enjoy products directly from Sunpharma, therefore the price is much lower for you. Order more to enjoy better discount. Do not waste your time to enjoy fabulous lashes.

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