Lash-Growth Serums — the End of Mascara

Imagine that you have long luxurious eyelashes and you can directly toss your mascara tube in the trash! No more clumps, raccoon eyes, or messy mascara remover. There really are products that can help create long thick eyelashes!

Careprost, Lumigan, these based bimatoprost ingredient can really help grow lashes. They’re widely used by those who want to enhance their normal eyelashes. Bimatoprost based eye drop can create long, lush lashes that don’t need mascara to look beautiful. You just need to apply this eye drop onto your lash root once a day at nighttime. Careprost can also help prevent eyelashes from falling out or breaking. Bimatoprost is a drug traditionally used to treat glaucoma before, but now most of people use it to enhance eyelashes.

The active ingredient – bimatoprost in careprost /Lumigan was actually found by accident. A glaucoma medication was found to not only help patients with their eye problems, but had the unexpected side effect of growing the patient’s eyelashes well past what their natural growth cycle would produce.

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